Ring Sizer

Perfect Ring Sizer

Although the best way to determine your correct ring size is to visit your friendly local jeweler (hint: Our highly trained team members will size you for free!), we realize having your finger professionally sized is not always an option. For these types of circumstances we have two methods to help:

1. Print the ring sizer below on your printer (make sure the printer is set to 100%). When printed the ring sizer should measure 3 3/8". Cut a slit at the line marked 'A' and thread the pointed end of the sizer through. When the sizer is comfortable on your finger the lowest number you can read is your finger size.

*We are happy to provide you with a
plastic version at our store as well.

2. Trying to be sneaky and get someone's ring size on the sly? Take a ring that they typically wear on that finger (hint: most people's ring finger is a different size on their right vs. left hand) and place it on the circle. The inside of the ring should line up with the outside of the circle that is the closest finger size when the image is printed at 100% on your printer.

Remember, other factors can influence a finger size including extreme hot or cold weather, exercising etc. Try to measure your finger during a 'normal' time to avoid having a finished ring that is either too large or too small. A rings width also affects what size you should choose as well as making sure the size will fit over your knuckle if it is larger than the back part of your finger. Feel free to give us a call for sizing help and guidance. (link 'give us a call' to our contact us page)

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