Stay connected to important memories and important people with bracelets and anklets that you never take off with our Forever Linked Collection by Harris Jeweler.

With permanent jewelry you select the type of chain you prefer and whether you’d like to add-on any birthstones, diamonds, or charms. Then we size it specifically to you and painlessly micro-weld it together right on your wrist or ankle.

Bring your girlfriends, sisters, moms, kids, significant others...everyone is getting jewelry signifying they are Forever Linked to those they love!


Chain Options


Charm Options

Whether you are looking for birthstones or initials or something unique and ‘just between us’, reach out and let us know what you want Forever Linked and we will send our available options. This way we can make sure we have the PERFECT charms!



Frequently Asked Questions

What Does it Mean to Get Forever Linked?

The Forever Linked permanent jewelry by Harris Jeweler is a custom fitted bracelet or anklet that is welded on so no clasp is needed. Your Forever Linked permanent jewelry is custom fit to your wrist or ankle, sans clasp, and should require no maintenance. Once it's welded its there for you to enjoy! Although we'd like to think everyone will keep it forever, if you decide later to remove the bracelet, they can simply be removed with scissors. We do not guarantee that your bracelet will stay on forever. If your Forever Linked jewelry falls off for any reason it can be re-welded for a fee of $25.

Where and When can I get Forever Linked Jewelry?

Our In-House experts will apply each and every Forever Linked jewelry piece in our Showroom located at 2343 W Main St, Troy, OH 45373. You can book your appointment here.

Do I Need to Book An Appointment?

Yes, because of the high demand for permanent jewelry, an appointment is required. If you're coming with a group, be sure to book an appointment for each person so that we make sure we have plenty of time to help you get Forever Linked to each other!

Does it Hurt?

Not at all! Despite the small flash from the welder, there is absolutely no pain. All fun!

What if I need to remove my Forever Linked Jewelry? Can I get it welded back on later?

Yes, if you need to remove the Forever Linked jewelry for any reason, we recommend carefully cutting it with scissors. We suggest cutting the chain at the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain, this will help maintain the integrity of the chain. If you'd like to get it welded back on, just make an appointment and for $25 we attach it back to your wrist.

Can I buy a Endless Bracelet for Someone as a Gift?

Absolutely! The experience makes a great gift. You can purchase a gift card or set an appointment to come in together!

Questions? Call or text us at 937-335-0055 or message us on our web chat, FB or IG!

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