In The Spotlight: Everything You Need To Know About Loose Diamonds

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In The Spotlight: Everything You Need To Know About Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A dazzling ring, a sparkling pendant, or simple stud earrings can all be enhanced by diamonds. Whether you’re here to learn more about loose diamonds as an investment or create tailored jewelry pieces, you’re probably already aware that diamonds are unique.

They say we can never have too many diamonds, and that’s because certified loose diamonds are a fantastic investment for you and your loved ones.

What makes them so special? These incredible gems are graded based on their cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Today, we’ll explore each one of them. Dive in!

loose diamond

What is a loose diamond?

Loose diamonds are diamonds you can purchase as an investment or add to a precious jewelry piece, such as an engagement ring or earrings, for example. The term “loose” means a diamond isn’t set on a jewelry piece, and you can see it from all angles before purchase.

On top of that, loose diamonds have been certified by the world’s best diamond labs. And when you buy loose diamonds from Harris Jeweler, you can be sure you’re purchasing the highest quality stones at a fair cost.


Tips to help you choose loose diamonds

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has created a system to classify diamonds.

You might have heard the term “4Cs”, which stands for color, clarity, carat, and cut. The 4Cs help you understand how rare and symmetric a loose diamond is, and therefore its value.

diamond carat


Loose diamonds have their weight measured in carats. Depending on the setting style, some diamond shapes look larger than others once you see them displayed on jewelry.

However, the carat isn’t the only property that matters when it comes to diamonds—a good balance between the properties will always offer higher value.


diamond color


Diamonds aren’t all the same color, so when you’re shopping for a loose diamond, it's important to know that the most valuable color in diamonds is completely colorless because transparency helps a diamond scatter light.

Different factors affect the diamond color, such as appearance, tone, fluorescence, and saturation. But don’t worry, these traces amount to what we see on the color scale, ranging from D to Z.

diamond clarity


Clarity uses a scale to determine how visible blemishes, inclusions, and imperfections are and to which degree they affect the shine of a diamond.

The final grading considers the size of these blemishes, how many are there, and how they affect the appearance of a diamond. That’s why it’s important to use the clarity scale, which ranges from flawless to included, and keeping in mind that flawless diamonds are very rare.


Diamonds make the hardest substance on Earth, so to achieve perfect clarity and brilliance, they need state-of-art cuts to reveal their best characteristics. Many customers confuse diamond cut and shape (the outline of a diamond).

The cut leaves out blemishes and imperfections, optimizes the size, and explores the most flawless facets of a diamond.

When light “travels” inside a diamond, divergences in its trajectory show that the stone hasn’t been well cut, and the result can be a dark or opaque diamond. Even if a diamond has the perfect degree of clarity and color, it’ll lack brilliance if the cut isn’t done well.

Picking loose diamonds for custom jewelry

When you customize a jewelry piece, you can work with your jeweler to find a perfectly fitting diamond, regardless of whether you’re designing an engagement ring, fashion jewelry for yourself, or something special to surprise someone you love.

Loose diamonds got their immense popularity because we love jewelry which depicts our style, making us love to tailor jewelry designed according to our likes and dislikes.

Pay special attention to the quality of handpicked diamonds and the beautiful designs, metals, and details in the mountings (in the case of engagement rings) before making your choice.

If you’re looking for the perfect diamond to complete the effect of an engagement ring mount, we offer diamonds in the most popular shapes, such as round, oval, cushion, princess, emerald, marquise, and pear.

Your partner will never forget when they first see what you carefully pick out with our professional help. Stop by to share your story and find the perfect diamond!

Loose diamonds in Troy, OH

Harris Jeweler is your premier destination for loose diamonds in Troy, Ohio. We continuously update a large inventory of natural and lab-grown diamonds in different cuts and sizes.

When you shop at Harris Jeweler, you can pick out the diamond of your preference, with expert gemologists guiding you every step of the way.

Whether you want to design a complete jewelry set with us, look for a specific diamond for your engagement ring, or make a valuable investment, you can use the chatbox at the bottom of this page to make inquiries or visit us at 2343 West Main Street, Troy, OH.

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