Our Jewelry Repair Experts Can Bring Broken Pieces Back To Life

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Our Jewelry Repair Experts Can Bring Broken Pieces Back To Life


We all have jewelry pieces that are extra special to us, and sometimes it can be heartbreaking when they break. So, whether you’re here because your cherished jewelry needs repairs or it’s lost its first-day glow, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been offering high-quality jewelry repair services in Ohio for nearly 70 years. 

At Harris Jeweler, we love transforming your broken jewelry into something you can love and wear again! And for that, we’ve listed the services you can get, as well as common questions to help you navigate the world of jewelry repairs. Dive in!


Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is one of the most common requests when it comes to jewelry repairs. If your ring is not comfortable, we can adjust it to fit perfectly to your finger. 
This procedure doesn’t damage your ring when completed by a specialist. The band is cut and soldered, and it can become thinner if done incorrectly. 

So, avoid further breakage by trusting your ring to our experienced goldsmiths.

If you’re shopping for a gift such as a wedding band or engagement ring and the correct size has been a challenge, you can order a medium size and take it in later for the proper measurement and resizing.

Prong replacement

Prong replacement

Prongs keep gemstones in place. If one of the prongs in a ring or earring doesn’t match the others or keeps pulling threads, it might be time to get it repaired.
Due to precious stones' delicate nature, any unstable prongs can present a significant risk to your jewelry. Repairs include tightening a prong or replacing all the prongs around a gemstone. A thorough analysis will show if the prongs are too worn or working correctly.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is rare and durable, and it’s used to make other metals brighter. After a long time of wear, some metals become dull, and rhodium plating returns them to their original luster.
If your white gold earrings, chains, or rings have their shine dimmed, we can bring them back to life with electricity and a new thin layer of rhodium!

Jewelry inspection


Special equipment can verify the tiniest issues and prevent them from happening. Keep your precious jewelry forever by having it inspected regularly.
For example, precious stones are held by delicate metal prongs that can weaken after many years of use. Clasps can weaken, and chains can thin.  While losing a jewelry piece is irreparable, luckily, all these issues are easy to prevent with jewelry inspection!

Chain repair

Chain Repairs

If you have a chain with weak links or a wobbly clasp, place it somewhere safe. Bracelets tend to slip from the wrists without our notice, so let us make them 100% safe to wear again. 

The repair, in this case, includes eliminating imperfections, soldering, and cleaning. The time it takes to repair chains depends on how thick or intricate the chain design is. Hiding the repair requires a deft hand to make it nearly invisible.
If you enjoy a necklace or bracelet so much that you never take it off, the chain might be slightly damaged or even in need of reinforcement. Bring it to us! 

Custom design

Custom Design

The advantages of custom design are many, but the aspect our customers usually enjoy the most is the opportunity of having something precious tailored especially for them.
Custom Design takes only a few steps, and the best part is that the sky’s the limit here! Here’s how it works:
1. Book an appointment, so you can chat with experts about design possibilities, ideas, and inspiration. 


2. A designer will help you bring your thoughts to life with CAD models drawn based on your expectations.

3. Once you’re satisfied, we create a 3D wax model, so you can see how your custom jewelry will look from all angles.
4. Now, our goldsmiths get to work, and you can be the new owner of jewelry no other person in the world will possess!

Jewelry repair

How long does jewelry repair take?

It depends on the complexity of the work required. Some repairs take a couple of hours, others can take a couple of weeks. 

Know that the special attention given to your jewelry is never a bad thing, and it means a team is working together to ensure it looks its best.

Jewelry Repair in Troy, OH

For more than seventy years, Harris Jeweler has provided jewelry repair and maintenance services in Troy, OH

At the heart of Harris Jeweler’s atelier, master goldsmiths bring your jewelry back to its glory with the latest technology. You can get unbelievable on-site watch repair services from us!


A professional jeweler can fix a wide range of issues. Here is just a sample of other services we offer in our design studio:

• Pearl Restringing  • Gemstone Upgrades  • Restoration
• Jewelry Restyling  • Engraving  • Express Repairs

Our experts care about every detail in your jewelry repair. After all, having your favorite precious piece looking impeccable requires excellent craftsmanship—and we know it. 

We invite you to visit us to see how much we care about your jewelry, giving it new life.  You can find us at 2343 West Main Street, in Troy, OH.

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