Starring Luxury With Your Name In It: Custom Design Jewelry

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Starring Luxury With Your Name In It: Custom Design Jewelry

Look ten times more attractive with jewelry crafted by you and for you.
Not so long ago, we didn’t have a broad range of exclusive jewelry to choose from. But jewelry has the power of making our personality shine brighter, and when designed especially for somebody, it adds a special magnetic charm to their outfit.
Modern people look for practicality and unique designs. So, whether you want something to enhance your wardrobe or to surprise someone you love, here we’ll show you every way you can add your personal touch to customized jewelry pieces.

What are the advantages of making custom jewelry?

custom-designed jewelry

1. Savoir-faire

Jewelry making is a complex process that involves specialized expertise: sketchers, designers, 3D modelers, and jewelry smiths. You’ll get to enjoy outstanding bespoke service.
An experienced jeweler is aware of the technical possibilities of implementing ideas. That’s why they maintain the balance perfectly and come up with extraordinary jewelry which is also comfortable to wear.

And the best part is that custom-designed jewelry is many times more detailed than mass-produced jewelry.

Jewelry gift

2. A customized jewelry piece will genuinely speak to you from the beginning

When you play a significant role in the design (or redesign) process of a jewelry piece, you feel many emotions, love for the person who will receive it, and a connection to the person whose jewelry piece is passed on to you (see more about remodeling below).
Such a jewelry piece will turn out precisely in the unique and extraordinary way you envisioned it, and that’s a wonderful way to dress confidently. If this is a gift, customizing is a sure way to show the people you care about that you put a lot of thought into their gift!

Custom made ring

3. Express all your creativity

If you’re a lover of high jewelry art, custom design allows you to participate in the entire process—from the metals to the gemstones which will adorn your jewelry piece and the sketches which inspire the design.
If you have a photograph, something you saw in a magazine, or a family heirloom you’d like to use as a basis for this new jewelry piece, the sky’s the limit when you customize!

Jewelry custom design

4. It saves time

To get a jewelry piece according to your preferences, you don’t need to browse numerous catalogs or hunt for your style.
Contacting your jeweler saves time, and you’ll be 100% sure about size, length, and the excellent result of the finished work.

Engagement proposal

5. It can’t get more exclusive than that

When your jewelry piece is complete, you’ll have something rare which no other person in the world will possess. If it’s a gift, you’ll surprise that special someone with something they’ll never get from someone else.
Experts will guide you through the creative process of fine jewelry design, from engagement rings to bracelets, engravings, wedding bands to unique jewelry creations.


Pick your metal


Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is a metal for those who love to self-express with bold accessories. The golden nuances stand out on any skin complexion.

White Gold
White gold offers a sheer glow paired with jewelry of
the same tone. It’s minimal, refined, and showcases
a magnetic glow.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is a metal for lovers of vintage and antique designs.
Plus, if you love to break from tradition, this
metal will reflect everything you want to say.

Create your blend of metals. Two or more tones are fun and creative, and make it easy to combine various jewelry
pieces at once!

How does custom design work?

You can have a brand-new personalized jewelry piece in four easy steps! The possibilities are endless and impressive.
Yet, you’ll never feel confused or disappointed because our process is clear and straightforward.

Jewel draw
Step 1. This is a collaborative process where both sides exchange drawings, designs, and mock-ups of the jewel. For us, the smallest details are important. We love to design jewelry that can change your world and reflect your individuality (or that of your sweetheart).
Jewel sketch
Step 2. We create your sketch featuring the finest elements of your jewelry piece (such as colored stones, precious metals,
color and cut of the stones, etc.).

3D jewel model
Step 3. A 3D model allows you to reevaluate your beautiful jewelry piece from all angles and nuances before crafting it. Our experts only proceed once you’re satisfied with the result.
Custom jewelry
Step 4. Our artists craft your jewelry with extreme care and skillful artistry. Now you can be dazzled (or dazzle your special somebody) with the brilliance of the precious stones and design which fully express your individuality!
Jewelry quality control
Step. 5. Your jewelry goes through severe quality control testing. We ensure it matches the size you requested exactly and that all tailor-made details only show the finest finishes. Voilà! Now you can enjoy its exclusivity and beauty.

Jewelry remodeling

Jewelry remodeling

While custom designs are done from scratch (you pick every aspect of your jewelry piece), jewelry remodeling comes from a desire to give new life to old pieces.
It’s not uncommon to find old family heirlooms from people who meant a lot to us but which we don’t get to wear because they’re outdated or don’t match our style.
The good news is that you can redesign such jewelry pieces into something new with all your preferences in mind. 

Of course, the result is equally special, but with a one-of-a-kind design. You’ll love to wear it again! Here are just some of the many updates you can do to old jewelry:

Jewelry upgrade

• Transform a pearl string into a new jewelry set

• Revamp an old jewelry piece with fresh gemstones in your favorite colors

• Upgrade your wedding bands

• Repurpose gemstones or a precious diamond

• Make a ring out of a pendant

Diamonds jewelry

What you can get from us

Imagine having a jewelry piece that has no equal in the whole world.  The possibility of creating a unique jewelry piece to reflect your preferences is very special.
If you’re looking for a customized engagement ring or wedding band, at Harris Jeweler, you can custom design all engagement ring styles such as solitaire, halo, three-stone, bypass, split shank, and more! 

You can also pick from an assortment of diamond and gemstone cuts such as princess, round, emerald, round, marquise, cushion, and others.
Make your anniversary, milestone, or birthdays sweeter with something that truly makes the heart speed up. Customizing is one of the surest ways to get someone to connect to a gift of yours.

To get an idea of what is possible, you can take a look at our portfolio here.

Custom jewelry in Troy, OH

Your happiness is important to us! We’ve been creating jewelry pieces in collaboration with Miami County’s customers for decades. You, too, can have a personalized piece which will become a real symbol of your love or personality.
Whatever questions you may have, use the message box in the corner of our website, and we’ll get back to you in no time. If you prefer, visit our jewelry store at 2343 West Main Street, in Tory, OH. Or give us a call at (937) 335-0055. 

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